22 February 2021

Award winning comedian Judith Lucy is back with her most candid and insightful book yet: Turns Out, I’m Fine, How Not to Fall Part.

A book about overcoming grief, letting go and coming out the other side… intact.

Judith figures out what went wrong and then turned her attention to finding out what her life might look like if it went right. She tries everything from dating a tree to getting a portrait of her vulva done to swimming with a whale shark. Thanks to a series of revelations and a slight drowning experience, Judith slowly starts to realise that her life is still full of possibilities and despite death, heartache and a dry vagina it turns out… she’s fine.

Judith is back in full force with this latest release, which will have your sides splits, eyes wet and heart-strings pulled.

Turns Out, I’m Fine is available for pre-order now prior to its release on April 7, 2021.

To pre-order, head to Booktopia.