Token is a comedy company that started a very long time ago, before the internet, before the floppy disk, before the e-ticket, when people read newspapers and having a fax number meant you were ready for business. A long time ago.

Token manages the best comedians in Australia and takes them on the road, finding audiences in festivals, opera houses, theatres, clubs, pubs and anywhere else with a decent PA. We put on shows in big cities and small towns all over Australia and occasionally in other parts of the world, particularly in London and Edinburgh. We have been putting on shows in the Melbourne Comedy Festival since 1993 and we’re the biggest producer of comedy in Australia’s comedy festival circuit.

We work with our clients on stage, screen, online and in print managing all commercial matters and providing our ridiculously talented artists the creative space to be the best. We have in-house PR, legal, finance and marketing expertise that is second to none. We have global relationships, keeping our clients busy on multiple continents with the kind of deep relationships that only comes from a couple of decades of frequent flyer points.

We are part of a group of companies that also includes the television production company Guesswork Television, and the management company Creative Representation. These combined resources mean that we can meet any challenge our artists throw at us and we have the experience to weather the headwinds of change in the media business.

We really love working with comedians and we are lucky enough to only work with the best, from household names that you may have grown up with to new faces that look to redefine funny. If you want to work with the best comedians in the country then you should call us.


Managing Director

Kevin Whyte

Assistant to the Managing Director

Chloe O'Brien

Group General Manager

Heather Pritchard

Senior Lawyer

Sarah Bradly-McKay


Emily Edington

Artists -

Artist Manager

Kevin Whyte

Artist Manager

Erin Zamagni

Artist Manager

Helen Townshend

Artist Manager

Dioni Andis

Artist Manager

Sam Gray

Corporate Booking Agent

Anna Wallace

Assistant to the Booking Agent

Cameron Stewart

Manager's Assistant

Sarah Grey

Manager's Assistant

Charlie Falkner

Events -

Managing Director

Kathleen McCarthy


Rowan Smith

Marketing Director

Natalie Bell

Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager

Tyson Wray

Production & Marketing Assistant

Yvonne McAulay

Production Manager

Nathan Pettenon

Ticketing Manager

Austen Ljiljak

Contact Us:

Melbourne office:
35 Easey Street
VIC 3066

Sydney office:
Suite 4.04, 50 Holt Street
Surry Hills
NSW 2010 

Melbourne postal address:
PO Box 108
VIC 3065

Sydney postal address:
PO Box 208
Surry Hills
NSW 2010

Melbourne phone: (03) 8417 0000
Sydney phone: (02) 9690 5900
Fax: (03) 9417 4722
[email protected]