Prue Blake

"Disillusioned feminist" ★★★★ - The Age
"Strongest Comedy Zone ensemble of rising stars yet" ★★★★1/2 - The Age

Prue Blake is a strong, confident, underachiever by choice… or she was before she became the 2020/21 RAW Comedy Winner!

An easy-going comic, her style is observational, intelligent and most importantly cheeky, but not too cheeky to show your mum. Prue has been described as both “dashing” and a “disillusioned feminist” by The Age.

Prue has been taking the stand-up comedy scene by storm since 2018 and has performed at some of the biggest comedy shows both in Australia and internationally including the prestigious Comedy Zone, Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow, the Upfront Gala, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and the Moosehead Benefit. She is regularly heard on the radio including The Breakfasters (RRR), Comedy Bites (ABC) and Evenings with David Astle (ABC) and has a popular newsletter ‘I shaved my legs for…THIS?! Prue has also had jokes featured on the acclaimed TV series Get Krack!n

Before stand-up took over her life, Prue started in improv comedy and completed 5 levels of improv classes at the Improv Conspiracy. During this time Prue was part of the popular indie and house teams; A.I. Baby, Surrounded by Wankers, Amelia Bearfart and Tux-she-do. Prue was not involved in naming any of these teams.

During the improv years, Prue was also part of the sketch group ‘Leaky Bucket’ who wrote, produced and performed in two shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (First Crack, Swings At Dusk) and acted in the 2018 Fringe Show ‘Things We Found in the Swamp’.


2023 – MICF Roadshow (WA and NSW)

2023 – Unfriended – Perth Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival

2022 – Comedy Hour – Edinburgh Fringe

2022 – Comedy Zone (MC) – Melbourne International Comedy Festival

2022 – MICF Roadshow (QLD and VIC)

2022 – Upfront Gala – Melbourne International Comedy Festival

2022 – ABC Comedy Quick Bites 

2021 – Moosehead Benefit – Melbourne International Comedy Festival

2021 – Open for Geraldine Hickey – ‘What a Surprise’

2020/21 – RAW Comedy Winner – Melbourne International Comedy Festival

2021 – Breast of the Fest (Sold out run) – Melbourne International Comedy Festival

3RRR Breakfasters – Wednesday Wisecracker and Friday Funny Bugger spots

Evenings with David Astle – Talk Break

Triple M – Mic Drop Podcast

2022: The Age Spectrum Magazine – What’s The Worst That Could Happen

2019: Get Krack!n – (additional material) Ep 2.3

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