26 November 2021

The enchanting new eight-part anthology series Summer Love will air on the ABC in 2022, and includes eight different love stories penned by a brilliant and diverse group of writers including Token’s very own Nath Valvo.

Brought to you by Gristmill duo Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope, Summer Love sees eight very different people rent the same beachside holiday house, capturing the collision between the dreamy enchantment of the beach and the clumsy reality of humans on holiday. It explores the anonymity, the possibility, and the escape that we all feel on holidays, alongside the ever-present threat of sand in the sheets.

Nath Valvo’s hilarious and witty writing chops are joined by those of  Kodie Bedford (Mystery RoadAll My Friends are Racist) & Bjorn Stewart (At Home Alone Together); Alison Bell (The Letdown); Patrick Brammall (No Activity) & Harriet Dyer (No Activity); Robyn Butler & Wayne Hope (Upper Middle BoganVery Small BusinessThe Librarians); Nazeem Hussain (Orange is the New Brown); Kate Mulvany (UprightThe Seed); Miranda Tapsell (Top End WeddingGet Krack!n) & James Colley (GruenThe Weekly with Charlie Pickering) & Jayden Masciulli (The InBESTigators).

Summer Love will air on ABC TV and ABC iview late 2022.