06 May 2024

A big congratulations to Token Artist’s Bronwyn Kuss who’s 2024 solo-show Pillows xxxx was awarded Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s Pinder Prize.

Known for her dry delivery and storytelling prowess, this show is no exception, and as a result of the accolade, will be Bron’s debut at Edinburgh Fringe late July through to August.

The Pinder Prize, named for John Pinder, supports a performer to travel to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and present a show at Assembly Theatres where John presented many Australian artists.

Comedy legend Claire Hooper also took home the Piece of Wood Award for her solo show, So Proud.

Presented by Geraldine Hickey and Dan Rath, The Piece of Wood Award is chosen by an ever-growing panel of previous winners, and is awarded purely for “doin’ good stuff ‘n’ that.”

Huge congrats to all the fabulous winners and nominees.