13 July 2021

Welcome to 2041. The Earth is under the control of the benevolent ‘Corporation’ and time travel is not only possible but affordable for the common worker drone – sorry, person!

Free with the purchase of the Timeslide 9000 machine, The Time Traveller’s Guide to Not Dying is an audio instruction manual designed to help owners choose which exciting historical moments to visit. It teaches them about where they’re going, who they will meet, and what to eat. As part of his parole agreement, Charlie Pickering anchors the guide, using his encyclopedic brain to fill us in on the places that time travel correspondents, Natasha and Toby, find themselves dispatched to. Between them, the pair of intrepid reporters storm the barricades at the French Revolution, get chatted up by JFK during the Cold War, and tried as a witch at Salem. Along the way, they try really hard to not get killed.

Written and performed by Charlie and starring Token’s Claire Hooper and Frank Woodley, this is an Audible Original. Free for members. You can download all 8 episodes to your Library NOW.