23 August 2022

Ben Kochan’s sharp writing, keen observational eye and phenomenal moustache have combined seamlessly in his debut comedy album ‘Hooley Dooley What a Crowd!’ Recorded in front of a live audience, Ben takes to the stage to consider the functionality of a carrier pigeon, reminisces about family gatherings and recalls a questionable experience at a Speakeasy Bar. The album is a cumulation of Ben’s best material since he started performing stand-up and it is an absolute riot to listen to.

Ben performed and sold out his first solo show “Nice Boy Seeks Kind Audience” at the 2019 Sydney Comedy Festival, following it up in 2020 with “Ben Kochan Throws A Stool At The Audience” and made his Melbourne Comedy Festival solo show debut with “I’m Done It” in 2021.

Most recently Ben has toured with his partner Concetta Caristo in ‘Funny as Sin’ and was a contributing writer on ABC’s Question Everything hosted by Wil Anderson. 

Hooley Dooley What a Crowd! is now available on SpotifyApple Music and YouTube.

“Ben Kochan is one big endearing goofball” Beat