01 December 2022

Announced in the upfronts, the ABC is bringing back one of Australia’s best-loved sitcoms Mother and Son, which will star the ever-charming Matt Okine and Token’s own Denise Scott.

The series will follow recently single Arthur Gbeme (Okine) who moves back into his family home after his widowed mum Maggie (Scott) accidentally sets fire to the kitchen.

Okine and Scott have a close friendship and great chemistry. “The idea to re-create Mother and Son first came to me back in 2013 when I was touring Hong Kong alongside Denise,” Okine said.

The announcement of the show has created a buzz amongst fans of Scott and Okine alike, with many people very much looking forward to the revival.

So there for this! Denise Scott is my all-time fave Aussie comedian…this will be **chef’s kiss!!**” – The West – TV Editor

This is so fun TT! And right up our alley!” – Woman’s Day

Tiff and I have just fallen over each other in a flurry of emails back and forth about how excited we are about this” – Aust Women’s Weekly